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Serious4Sport deliver FUN and EXCITING Sport parties on request!


A normal standard S4S Party - All equipment is supplied by us and we deliver games in your environment for a MAX of 1 hour.


EXTRAS - If you would like the party duration longer than 1 hour then we offer an "ADDED TIME" deal where we can extend the length of party for an extra 30 minutes. Also if you are expected to have over 20 children then we will need to supply another coach so this is an added cost also.


MEDALS & CERTIFICATES - We can provide these for all children who attend but again it is an added cost to the party.


PERSONALISED TROPHY - To make the day extra special we can supply a personalised trophy with the Birthday boy/girls name engraved with a certificate if you require.


How do I complete or enquire about a booking?


1. Email Tom on Tomserious4sport@gmail.com with your preferred date and time plus child's age/name, sport choice with expected number of children attending.


2. We will respond confirming party arrangements and let you know your coach/coaches who will be delivering your party.


3. Once all is confirmed you then need to click on the "payment button" below to process payment and decide on EXTRA'S potentially added to the Party! (Personalised trophies and medals need to be booked at least 2 weeks before the party date)


4. When payment is complete you will receive a confirmation email and we will then be all set to deliver an EXCITING S4S PARTY!


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